What Is the American Kratom Association? (AKA)

The American Kratom Association, also known as the (AKA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of all Americans to legally consume safe kratom to better manage their overall health and well-being. 

The AKA is committed to restoring full and safe consumer access to various kratom products while ensuring 100% compliance with rules and regulations imposed by both State and Federal authorities, so that consumers in the USA can enjoy the freedom to use these products for their well-being and improve their lifestyle. 

History of the American Kratom Association

The AKA was established in 2014 with the mission of promoting and protecting the natural rights of kratom users, providing them with the freedom to make their own choice regarding kratom use without any legal or governmental pressure. The corporation is headquartered in Virginia and works under section 501 c(4) of the constitution. 

How is does the AKA receive funding? 

Donations from the members and supporters of the AKA are the main source of its financing. You can review the 990 donors by visiting the IRS website or contacting the AKA directly. 

The Administrative Structure of the AKA 

The administration of the American Kratom Association consists of a board of directors presided by the chairman, Matt Salmon. The Board of directors is responsible for monitoring, establishing, and implementing the mission of policies of the organization. The board of directors appoints an Executive Director with a supportive staff to monitor the execution and progress of the programs initiated by the organization. 

Goals of the American Kratom Association

The AKA is working with five main goals:

  1. Support kratom users

AKA supports kratom users in the USA by highlighting the unreasonable and unjust regulations imposed by the regulators to interfere with their right to make informed choices about the kratom products they want to use to improve their health and well-being. The organization protects consumers' right to access their desired kratom products. 

  1. Spreading Awareness and Education 

The American Kratom Association strives to spread awareness and education among people about the health benefits of kratom to dispel the misleading disinformation spread by online by certain regulators. Several policymakers and regulatory bodies try to materially mislead consumers about kratom. AKA works to counter such initiatives.

  1. Providing Reliable Information on Kratom

The AKA is the voice of millions of American kratom consumers that can be heard nationwide. The organization provides consumers with reliable information regarding different kratom products, their usage, and their benefits. 

  1. Global Awareness

Anti-kratom entities are active with the purpose of expanding the ban on kratom products across the globe. AKA uses its resources and support to spreading global awareness among kratom consumers to counter the narrative of such entities. The main mission of global awareness is to convenience countries to allow the safe usage of kratom products. 

  1. Protecting Natural Kratom Resources

Kratom is a natural resource that is a vital part of the global ecosystem. AKA develops sustainable strategies and techniques to preserve and protect this natural resource from potential dangers such as deforestation, climate change, and rising carbon emission. 

Programs of the American Kratom Association

The AKA is focused on three programs:

  1. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Compliance Program (Safety Program)

The AKA has issued guidelines based on good manufacturing practices from kratom manufacturers. These guidelines aim to promote safe and efficient manufacturing techniques to help improve the credibility and quality of the kratom products available in the market. At NuKine Wellness, we're proud to say we adhere to these strict Good Manufacturing Practices.

Kratom vendors and manufacturers can join the GMP Compliance program by incorporating the guidelines issued by the AKA into their manufacturing processes. They will also have to pass an office audit conducted by a third-party auditing firm. 

The core purpose of this program is to preserve the essence and purity of kratom when it goes through the manufacturing process. The AKA has analyzed that many manufacturers in the USA have started contaminating kratom while making different products out of it. This contamination is not only against the consumer protection law, but may also pose health risks to the users. The GMP compliance program ensures that the users receive all-natural kratom without any contamination. At NuKine Wellness, you can rest assure that any and all products you purchase are and will always be 100% all-natural, and unadulterated.

  1. Education Program

The education program of the AKA is focused on preventing a ban on kratom products. This program is based on an agenda of clearing up misinformation spread by anti-kratom entities with biased personal interests. Members enrolled in this program can get the latest updates on research development about the benefits and use of kratom. 

  1. Advocacy & Outreach

The AKA is committed to protecting and advocating the legal status of kratom. The organization has helped pass consumer protection laws in states like Utah and Georgia, and is actively working with vendors and manufacturers in several other states to promote kratom's legal and safe use. 

Besides these programs, the AKA is a major proponent of the KCPA (Kratom Consumer Protection Act), which is a model bill focused on regulating the production, sale, and distribution of kratom products in a manner that ensures consumer safety and product purity. This means the consumers in those states have an extra sense of security and comfort knowing the kratom products they are taking in those states are safe. How does NuKine Wellness do its part to support the KCPA? We do it by providing high-quality safe Kratom. All our labeling is compliant with the KCPA rules and regulations and we also include the supplemental facts and serving size, mitragynine and 7-OH content, as well as, a QR code on each product that takes you directly to the specific lab result for that lot. All of our Kratom is produced in a GMP compliant facility and none of our Kratom is adulterated. We use no synthetics or additional ingredients, just pure Mitragyna Speciosa leaf. To learn more about what sets NuKine Wellness apart, visit the NuKine About Us, and Learn page.

Thanks to the AKA and other law makers involved, nine states have already enacted the KCPA. The states that have already enacted the Kratom Consumer Protection act include:

  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Oklahoma
  • Georgia 
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia

Recent Developments in the AKA 

Recently, West Virginia and Virginia have become the 8th and 9th states, respectively, to enact the KCPA with the help of the AKA. The Governor of West Virginia signed the act on March 23, 2023, while the Governor of Virginia signed the act on March 28, 2023. AKA is working hard to help more states to enact the KCPA. 

To learn more about the American Kratom Association, visit the AKA website, and follow them on twitter and Facebook. You can also learn more about them by reading our 'What Is The American Kratom Association (AKA)' full article.  

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