Top 10 Best Kratom Accesories

If you’re new to Kratom and wondering if you need anything else to go with your Mitragyna Speciosa, we compiled a list of the "Top 10 Best Kratom Accessories". Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced Kratom consumer, having the right accessories can help enhance your experience and make taking your serving sizes more convenient. Everything from taking precise measurements to extending the potency of your Kratom with the right type of storage. Here’s the list of our "Top 10 Best Kratom Accesories": 


1. Digital Scale:

If there’s only one Kratom accessory you can have off this list, it's this one. A digital scale is without question the most important accessory when it comes to using Kratom powder. Even the slightest change in your serving size could mean a different experience with different effects. That's why you want to make sure when you find your ‘sweet spot’, you can know exactly down to the gram what that is and how to replicate it each and every time. A lot of Kratom consumers will measure their Kratom powder using teaspoons, but due to the density of the powder being slightly different with each batch, this method becomes inaccurate. This is why we always suggest using a digital scale and why it's sitting on top at the number one spot. As far as what type of digital scale to get, we recommend using a digital milligram scale. Two brands we’ve found to be reliable and fairly priced is the ‘Greater Goods Digital Pocket Scale’ and the ‘American Weigh Scale Gemini Series’. Just to be clear, we’re not affiliates of either of these products, nor any other products we mention in this list. We’ve simply used both scales and wanted to pass the recommendation on to our readers. 


2. Red Solo Cup or Dixie Cup:

Now, this might seem obvious to some, but don't go and pour your Kratom powder directly on the scale itself. First, you’ll need a container to pour it into and then place it on your scale. I know, this might seem obvious to many, but trust me, some have actually done it. 

Instead, get yourself a nice little Red Solo or small Dixie Cup. We prefer a Red Solo cup, because it's much more sturdy. More importantly, your Kratom powder wont stick to the bottom and sides of the Red Solo cup as it sometimes does with the paper material of a Dixie Cup. Red Solo cups usually come in packs, so when deciding how many to buy, the smaller the quantity the better. One Red Solo cup will last you anywhere from months to even years. 

Another obvious, yet important reminder is to always make sure you zero out your scale after placing the solo cup on top. Having a Red Solo Cup or small Dixie Cup on hand will also make it much easier if you prefer the toss and wash’ method of consuming Kratom or if you’re adding the powder to water or juices.  


2. Measuring Spoons:

If you prefer to not use a scale or simply didn't get around to buying one yet, the next best option is a measuring spoon. Though not the most accurate way of measuring Kratom, in can be a handy alternative. They provide a reasonably reliable way to approximate your serving size to maintain consistency. There’s even some measuring spoons on the market that are specifically designed for measuring Kratom powder, called ‘Kratom Spoons”. These spoons have four measuring compartments that include, 1/4 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, and 1 tablespoon. Kratom spoons can even be used to stir your Kratom Powder when adding it to a non-alcoholic beverage. 


3. Kratom Storage Container:

Some vendors claim Kratom doesn't have an expiration date, but that's not entirely accurate. If stored correctly, even passed it's expiration date Kratom will never harm you, but it will become less potent. This is why you want to make sure you always keep it stored in an airtight container to extend its potency. Our NuKine Wellness Kratom Powder comes in a zip lock, food-grade, heat-sealed stand up pouch. If kept in our original NuKine packaging and left unopened, your Kratom will be safe from moisture, oxygen, and direct sunlight. Once opened, you might choose to transfer your Kratom to a different container. If you do, here are some options for you:


  • Airtight Plastic Container with Locking Lid:

If you choose to transfer your Kratom Powder from our NuKine packing, an airtight plastic container is our number one choice. It has an airtight seal with locks that prevent moisture and air exposure. It's lightweight and easy to store, they’re widely available and cost effective, and they’re clear which allows you to see how much kratom powder you have left. Also, if you order multiple strains, they are easy to label and stack on top of each other. Our favorite airtight plastic container is the Rubbermaid Brilliance Container with locks. 


  • Glass Jars with Airtight Rubber Seal:

There’s a lot of pros to a glass storage jar, starting with the fact that we just think it looks super cool. It's also airtight with a moisture-resistant seal and it's transparent which allows you to see the amount of kratom power you have left. The cons of a glass jar are that it’s more expensive than a plastic container, they’re heavy, and there’s a possibility they can break if dropped. They also take up the most room to store and cannot be stacked on top of each other. 


  • Vacuum Sealed Bags:

If you plan on storing your Kratom for an extremely long period of time, a vacuum-sealed bag is hands down the best choice. It provides excellent air and moisture protection and it takes up the least amount of space due to the air being removed from the bag. The cons of a vacuum-sealed bag is that it can be punctured, which can allow air or moisture to enter the bag. Another huge drawback is that you’ll need to buy a vacuum sealer, which can be expensive and take up additional room. 


  • Capsules:

Another great way to store your kratom powder is in gelatin or vegetarian capsules. This is a great choice for both short term and long term storage. It's extremely convenient and gives you the ability to have your serving size already measured out. The cons of storing your kratom powder in capsules is it gets quite messy. You’ll also need to purchase a capsule filling machine or take the time to fill each capsule one by one with a lab scoop spatula. A filling machine ads extra cost and takes up additional storage space, but trust me when I say, it’ll save you hours. Another con is that even after going though all the trouble to store your kratom powder in a capsule, you'll need another storage container to keep your capsules in. If time and cost are a factor, you can always choose to conveniently purchase pre-filled Kratom Capsules directly from NuKine Wellness. Our kratom capsules are available in four different quantities: 60, 120, 240, and 480. It's worth noting that all NuKine Wellness kratom capsules come prepackaged in a light amber, airtight plastic bottles designed to protect them from air, moisture, and direct sunlight.  

No matter which storage option you choose, it's important to always keep your kratom in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight, minimize air exposure, and never store your kratom in a refrigerator or freezer. Doing so can introduce moisture and prevent mold. 


4. Capsule Filling Machine:

If you’re someone who prefers kratom capsules to loose powder, having a capsule filling kit is a must. If you ever tried to fill a capsule up without one of these, you know just how time consuming it can be. Another reason why a capsule filling machine made our list, is because it allows you to have your serving size pre-measured ahead of time. If you’re interested in getting one, there’s a lot of different capsule filling machines / kits on the market, but the one we’ve tested for personal use is the ‘All-In Capsule’. It can create up to 100 capsules at once and comes in different versions to accommodate different capsules sizes of 0, 00, 000, and 1. One thing to be aware of is when using a personal use capsule filling machine, is even though it creates less of a mess than filling capsules one by one with a lab spoon spatula, it still creates a little bit of a mess. 


6. Smoothie Blender:

If you’re looking to take your kratom experience to the next level and make it as delicious as possible, get yourself a smoothie blender. Kratom powder has a bitter taste and one of the best ways to mask it is by mixing it in a smoothie. If you mix kratom powder in water or juice, you can find that sometimes it can have a clumpy or bubbly texture. Using a smoothie blender will ensure you create smoother and more enjoyable consistency. Another great incentive to have a smoothie blender on hand is the potential to add different healthy fruits and vegetables. Depending on your choices, it’ll not only add a delicious burst of flavor, but also introduce a plethora of essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds to contribute to your overall well-being. There’s also a convenience factor if making smoothies is already part of your daily life. By adding your desired kratom serving size into your smoothie, the need to create a separate mixture is eliminated.

If you’re interested in learning how to make the best kratom smoothie, read our ‘How To Make The Best Kratom Smoothie’ article. 


7. Mixer Bottle or Shaker Bottle:

Known to many as the kratom sidekick, having a mixer bottle or shaker bottle is a must have for travel and convenience. You might think these bottles are for hitting the gym and protein shakes only, but they’re also game-changers when it comes to kratom. No more clumps, no more making a mess when you’re mixing, just straightforward ease and better kratom blends. If you’re ever in a rush, these bottles have a special mixing ball that will evenly mix your kratom powder on the go. The mixing ball will also create a smoother texture compared to mixing your kratom powder in water or juice with a spoon. One of the reason so many people love using these is because they’re one of best solutions for busy days when you’re traveling or on the go. All you need to do is measure out your preferred kratom powder serving size, pour it in with your liquid of choice, give it a good shake, and enjoy. 

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8. Tea Infuser:

If you’re looking to enjoy your kratom the way the indigenous people of South East Asia did centuries ago, then you’ll need to brew yourself a nice cup of kratom tea. And, if you’re going to be making kratom tea in the modern era, you’ll want to get yourself a tea infuser. A tea infuser is designed to hold loose tea leaves or herbs (in this case kratom leaves) while allowing them to steep in water. It allows you to adjust the strength of your kratom tea by controlling how much kratom you use, and how long you steep it for. Having a tea infuser makes things a lot simpler by eliminating the need for other equipment as well, such as strainers and filters.  If you’re interested in learning more about kratom tea, read our “What Is Kratom Tea? How To Make It and What Is It Good For?” article. 

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9. Kratom Potentiators:

If you want to make your kratom powder last as long as possible, make sure you stop at the grocery store and pick up some kratom potentiators. Kratom potentiators are natural ingredients that interact with Kratom's alkaloids to potentiate and intensify its effects. The reason kratom potentiators are shoo-in for this list, is not only because it can intensify the effects of your current kratom serving size, it can also allow you to take less of a serving size and still get the same effects. This means you’ll make your kratom powder last longer, which will ultimately save you money. Some of the best kratom potentiators include: Citrus fruits, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, chamomile tea, and cats claw. To learn everything you need to know about Kratom potentiators, read our ‘Best Kratom Potentiators” article. 


10. Notebook:

This one might raise your eyebrow at first, but hear me out. Embarking on your kratom journey involves finding the right serving size and strain for your personal needs. That’s why despite not being directly related to consuming kratom, a notebook or journal makes our list for being a valuable tool to enhance your overall experience. A notebook will allow you to meticulously track, serving sizes, effects, and strains preferences, which will allow you to create a personalized guide for the future. It’ll allow you to fine-tune your kratom routine over time for optimal results and provide you with valuable insights into what works best for you. Keeping track of all these different aspects of your experiences will also promote a mindful approach and prevent overconsumption. Also, if you want to get super deep, keeping a journal or ‘kratom diary’ can serve as a platform for self-reflection and introspection. By documenting your emotional and mental states before and after consumption, you’ll gain insights into kratom’s impact on your overall well-being. This practice will encourage a heightened mind, body connection, which will enable you to make informed decisions regarding strain choices and serving sizes. Having a notebook can also be useful for those with specific goals, as it gives you the ability to set intentions, monitor, progress, and adapt strategies accordingly. In essence, your ‘kratom diary’ will elevate your kratom experience by encouraging thoughtful self-awareness, goal tracking, and a well-rounded approach to the botanical benefits of Kratom.



In essence, our “Top 10 Best Kratom Accesories” list offers an array of tools to enhance your kratom experience. From precision digital scales for consistent serving sizes too convenient measuring spoons and storage solutions, these accessories will empower you to navigate Kratom with confidence. Incorporating these accessories enriches your wellness journey, enabling precise, convenient, and mindful consumption.

But remember, the journey doesn't end with accessories alone. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the best kratom accessories, it's time to pair them with the best kratom products. NuKine Wellness stands proudly as the undisputed gold standard in the kratom industry, setting an unparalleled benchmark for excellence. With our commitment to purity, potency, and responsible sourcing, we ensure that each batch of Kratom is of the highest quality, providing you with an unparalleled botanical experience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and your well-being is our mission. Visit and experience the NuKine difference today!

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